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   Air Heating Batteries with Regular Connection
   The approved alternative 
   Air heating batteries with regular connection 
   are used since many decades and
   they are a very cheap, 
   reliable and an approved alternative.
   In air heating batteries with
   normal connection all heating rods
   are wired outside the air-chanel and 
   linked to switching groups.  

   Electrical Connection
   All Groups are prepared for 
   connection by clamps or connecting bars.
   The complete electric connection is 
   protected by a sheet metal cover, 
   it’s appointed to use a metal screw joint to 
   induct the cables.For junction it’s 
   recommend to use heat resistant cable,
   because according to the application and
   size of the air heating battery temperatures 
   over 60°C can occur inside the metal cover.
   Field of Application
   The use of air heating batteries with
   normal connection is mainly intended for
   small air heaters between 0...10kW
   heat output, however it has been well-tried in
   peculiar uses (e.g. foodstuff, ...).

   Oriented on Costumerts Requests
   Air heating batteries with normal connection are 
   deliverable with and without case. 
   The electric power, as well as the 
   size of the case can be oriented completly on 
   the requests of our customers. 
   VOLTA air heaters are exactly manuractured for 
   customers requests and not only “nearly” like 
   standard products nearly by force are.