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 Surface-Mounting Thermostate ATHs-2U 
  Temperature Range: +20°C to +150°C
   ATHs-2 "monitors" the adjusted Temperature, 
   shuts down the system when the adjusted  temperature is exceeded and 
   after running a hysteresis loop the system turns up independently.
   Technical Description
   The operation of the surface-
   mounting thermostat relies upon 
   phenomenon of liqudia expansion.The volume
   of a liquid filled sensor system(consisting
   of sensor, capillary tubing and membrane) 
   varies with varying temperatures. 
   The resulting membrane displacement 
   actuates the mircoswitch. 
   The temperature is only sensed by the 
   temperature sensor.

   Switching Operation
   When the actual temperature exceeds limit
   temperature the mircoswitch opens or closes
   the electric ciruit by the sensor system.
   After the temperature has returned down to
   the hysteresis loop´s limit, 
   the mirco-switch sets the circuit to 
   beginning status.

   Switch Element
   cased mircoswitch with 
   change over contact..
Abmessungen Thermostat Jumo ATHs 2U
Anschlussbild Thermostat Jumo ATHs 2U
   Jumo ATHs-2U   
  TÜV certifies for compilance with 
   DIN 3440 standards,
   system of protection IP54 (cased).

   Application Area
   The ATHs-2U 
   surface mounting thermostat is 
   used as a safety temperature limiter in 
   laboratory and climatic cabinets, in 
   furnace applications and
   in mechanical apparatus
   applications per DIN 3440 standard.
   The Temperature Monitor with 
   change-over contact.
   Adjustable Temperature Range: 
   +20°C to +150°C
   per DIN 57100 part 420 VDE0100 
   are two temerature momitoring systems, 
   independent from each other, forcing required. 
   One of them has to be performed as 
   safety temperature limiter.