Electric Air Heating Batteries - 
Heating Rods - Heating Cartridges
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  Air Heating Batteries with Cold Connection 
   - without Housing

    Air heaters consist of sheet metal
    1,0mm, 1,5mm or 2,0mm
    dependent on the mechanical load and 
    the size of the built air heater.

   Air Heating Batteries without Housing:
   The air heating batterie consist of:
   - connection box
   - thermostat
   - flange plate
   - cold connection box
   - heating rods mounted at regular spaces
   - spacer plates, one or more 
   (depending on the length of the heating rods)
   As material we use fire-zinced 
   sheet metal or stainwithout steel. 
   We primary use Stainwithout steel
   1,4301 special steel is available on request.

   Dimensions Oriented On Costumers Requests
   Dimension XL, XQ, XT and fB
   can be oriented on the requests of 
   our customers.Multiple special 
   performances areadditionally obtainable, 
   oriented at demand and application 
   you’ll get an corresponding offer.