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Abmessungen VOLTA Heizstab Elektro Rapid
Abmessungen VOLTA Heizstab Elektro Rapid
    The Elektro-Rapid Heating Rod 
     ...A Volta Quality Product.
      • large surface area
      • solid design
      • fibre-free
      • environment-friendly
      • no disposal problem

     Particular Characteristics:
     The VOLTA Heating Rod is to be characterised especially by:
      • low surface temperature
      • constant surface temperature
      • big surface
      • smooth surface, hence soil resisting
      • fibre free construction
      • robust through wall thickness 0,8mm
      • diversified field of application 
     Physical Characteristics:
     VOLTA Rapid heating rods may be used both in 
     low and hightemperature environments.
     Mounting flanges:
     • 19 x 0,3mm stranded lead wires of NiCr
     • steel ST 1203,
     • Stealit per DIN KER 221,
     • Ceramic strips per DIN KER 520,
     • Resistance wire Kanthal DSD,
     • Special section tube 22 x 14,5mm, 
     Material(depends on purpose of usage) consists of:
     • bright mild steel ST 1203
     • material 1.4541 
     • material 1.4828

     Thermal Stress :
      in moving air(air flow rate 3m/sec approx):
      air-temperature         Watt approx per running meter
           60 °C                          1200
         150 °C                          1000
         200 °C                           800
         250 °C                           700
         300 °C                           600

      in still air:       600 Watt approx, per running meter.
      in oil:             2000 Watt per running meter.
      in water:       900 Watt per running meter.
     special designs upon request or 
     as necessary to meet particular requirements.