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VOLTA Heating Cartridges
Max. Belastung: in water filled systems

in oil filled systems

  (like baths or equal) (like baths or equal)
Cartridge 37mm 3000 Watt/m 1800 Watt/m
Cartridge 72mm 8000 Watt/m 4800 Watt/m
You can make an enquiry for higher stresses and specials applications.
VOLTA Heizpatrone 56 mm halloo
 Terminal head: 56 mm 
 Resistor carrier 37 mm 
 Spacer 43 mm 
  > For increased distance of  
  heating wire coil from tube bottom 
  to reduce susceptible
  to contamination.
VOLTA Heizpatrone 50 mm halloo
 Terminal head 50 mm 
 Resistor carrier 37 mm 
VOLTA Heizpatrone 90x100 mm hallo
 Terminal slab  90 x 100 mm 
 Resistor carrier  72 mm 
   The Heater
   Heating cartridges less casing, 
   system of protection IP 00,
   may be installed on-site into existing copper,  
   steel or other tubes. 
   The heating cartridges consist of  high insulation
   ceramic carriers.
   The Heating Wire
   The highly heat resisting heating wire 
    is coild to form a helix and is drawn in
longitudinal slots. Mounting Position The heating cartridges may not be used other than in the horizontal attitude. Application Examples of applications: drying stoves, degreasing baths, quenching oil baths and hot water systems.