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Tradition and experience are the basis of our performance
Headnote “There is no need to know everything of many subjects to obtain best results in one thing. It is quite effective to be specialised” Following this basic idea VOLTA manufactures and develops almost exclusively air heating batteries today. History of Company The company, founded in 1927 by consul Erwin Klingler has always been a “heating specialist” in the broadest sense. In 1931, Ernst Backmeister entered the company, and his son, Klaus Backmeister, has run the business since 1962. At the year 1994 Mr. Siegfried Wiedemann joined the company as Technichal Director and took over in 2000 the company and the business management. Top Performance through Specialisation Striving for top performance we could not avoid specialization. Only this ensures the necessary ability to be competive and keeps our products on a reasonable price. Customer Orientated VOLTA, however, do not only offer favourable series products but also “keeps the ball rolling” in terms of development. Decades of experience allow the reliable engineering of special designs. VOLTA give top priority to individual manufacture to customer concerns, which amounts to 90 percent of total sales. Quality and Environment-Friendliness VOLTA - air heating batteries have world wide reputation. They have always been environment-friendly acceptable, because they do not contain fibres. Their rugged design ensures long life, and disposal is no problem.